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I'd love to hear more from others on what neck strings they've gravitated towards on both sizes of Timberlines. As you know, I was the (co)designer of them, and haven't found the ideal gauges/brands either. That's because each has a non-standard length, perhaps a plus for players, but makes dialing in strings trickier. (For example, I found myself wanting a .0125 for the high E string on the Auditorium.) The physics isn't straight-forward either, as tension, elasticity, materials, desired tone and touch all affect the result differently.
Subs have a lot more leeway, and again touch (technique) may dictate players' needs far more than my carefully engineered gauging. (Some helpful articles about this are my and, for Hedges fans, )
PARLORS: The subs that these come with are too light, as they are the same set that's on the full-size. This was done simply for cost-savings on the custom string sets needed. I offer after-market sets (for either standard or SB tuning) for the parlors that make them more equivalent to the tension of the full-size Auditoriums.
A final reminder: In standard, the low string is typically meant to be F or F#. If all you're using it for is to double your E, then A) you're missing out on 1/6th of your sub-bass value, and B) you need a heavier gauge than what it came with.
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