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Default NAMM changes for the Sable?

Hi all, I haven't given up after my not-so-successful attempt at ordering an X30. An X20 might be the next logical option but I don't want 24 frets and a custom fret count would make it too custom to return. I'm still a little worried about the same issue that plagued my X30.

There's a local dealer who's quite helpful, but doesn't stock a 2018 and later model. The pre-2018 model he had was nice sounding but something about that guitar put me off the purchase right then. Also, it's branded Kevin Michael unlike the current ones, I didn't want it for vanity reasons (and I want Evo frets!).

I figure with the 2018 and later improvements, there's a good chance I'll be happy with the current Sables. I could order one off him, but would have to take whatever comes in (regardless of how it sounds), for a good price. I hear McPhersons are quite consistent so that should be a minimal risk. But before I do, I thought I'd check if there are any changes announced at NAMM that I should wait for, so they will filter down to production. Does anyone know? I could ask the dealer as well, but I should probably do some homework first.


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