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As far as I remember when I looked inside, the F25 has the dolphin bracing, and so paired with the bone saddle(s), the notes accelerate at high speed from the top, no sense of depth from within the body, the mids and trebles dominating in strums, clear fretted notes, and LOUD, but noticeably thin at the same time. Understanding that I'm not a fan of bone with this guitar, today I changed it to micarta. The trebles are now reigned-in and under control, defined, not so loud as to be flashy. The bass has become stern and strong, possibly because it had been submerged by the dominance of the mids and trebles.

I also today changed the Emerald's tusq saddle for corian, which avoids the tusq's overlush strums. I still find the trebles a bit thick, certainly compared to the F25's. I've yet to try a bone saddle, which I would expect to clarify the trebles.

Changed the saddle to bone on the Emerald: brighter, trebles are freed up/sweetened. The overall bass presence is lessened, though, not to a debilitating degree. Still, the Lowden is a much brighter/flashier guitar.

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