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Originally Posted by min7b5 View Post

Great point. Yeah, the busier your part the more you have to back up and find the beginning of all the sustained notes or it’s going to get pretty weird fast. Come to think of it I've done more of this when flatpicking fiddle tunes, even in a duo where we're in separate tracks with a lot of bleed, if it’s mostly single note lines it's more than fair game And for me, most of the time it's borderline subliminal with less than one db tweak -though if it's a cool harmonic or something I might push the bounds of good taste and crank it up pretty far for a youtube video or social media post..
Ya actually you don't want to use the Reaper volume envelope feature at all, to do what we have been discussing, i. e. bringing single notes up or down in level/volume. Volume envelops are better suited to ramp up into and down down out of, longer sections of notes like up to a chorus etc. ,,,, not to correct individual notes . You want to do what Kenny Gioia is doing in the video I posted at about the 1:17 mark
What that does is more accurately effect only the selected note/s, and not any adjacent notes that you don't want to effect, so nothing gets weird regardless of how busy the tune is (unless of course you overdo the corrections ) and like a car on snow/ice you could end up in the ditch
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