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Another "Stayin' at Home" video. Not my fault - Mother Nature gave us another day with wind blowing like stink (gusting to 35mph), but moderate temperatures (upper 60s). If I don't immerse myself in a music project, it's a sure bet that my wife will find some kind of "project" for me to work on.

This one started out to be a one view, record it for the camera video like most of the "Stayin' at Home" series. After doing a few "full band" projects, I couldn't leave it at that. After recording guitar and vocal tracks on the Spire, I felt it needed more... yeah, a quiet(ish) bass track. On to the video. Mostly one view, with a couple close up inserts. All in, less than 2 hours.

This one is a cover of the James Taylor song Country Road...
Some CF, some wood.

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