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Default 2010 Tippin El McMeen Signature Bravado, Brazilian Rosewood/European Moonspruce

In 2010, fingerstyle phenom El McMeen and Bill Tippin collaborated on a signature model that took BIllís Bravado body and tweaked it for additional playability, and paired that with Brazilian Rosewood & European Moonspruce for maximum resonance and response. As always, Bill more than succeeded. El McMeen Signature #1 operates like a well-oiled machine with its wedge-shaped body and upper bout soundport, chock full of smooth trebles and a liquid, rolling bass register that envelopes rather than booms.
The 25.5Ē scale keeps the guitar crisp and responsive when dropped down to DADGAD and beyond; plenty of bite to be had when you dig in a bit. The aesthetics are understated elegance, with a Mother-of-Pearl motif in the trim and rosette, and at the top of the fretboard.
Elís put this Tippin through years of use, and itís time to pass the torch! Itís in great playing shape, and is ready to keep the tunes going.

"El McMeen and Bill Tippin are both personal friends of mine, and itís no surprise to me that this is a world-class fingerstyle guitar. El selected Billís larger Bravado body and customized with a wedge contour so the bass side is a little narrower than the treble." - Paul Heumiller

Price: $15,450

For more information please visit:

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