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Originally Posted by blindboyjimi View Post
Dang!!! That’s amazing looking. I’m glad you went with that rosette like on my 1989 Franklin. I play my 2 Franklins daily and they only get better over time. It’s hard to believe but this is the worst it’ll ever sound and I bet it’s spectacular. Thanks for doing this thread. I’ve talked to Nick so many times over the years but now I feel like I have been to his shop. Play it in good health.
I’m really happy with the rosette too. I wanted something that seemed unique to the design of Franklins. Talking to Nick was half the fun! At one point he offered me a video tour of his shop, but we never got around to it.

Originally Posted by Archaic Guitars View Post
Beautiful guitar you’ve got there. I was tricked into thinking it was a torrified top until I read that the oil varnish deepened the color. Congrats! Do you like the feel and sound of the varnish better than you would lacquer or other more common finishes?
I really like the feel, the look (and scent) of the varnish. The sound of the varnish mainly seems to be that it doesn’t affect the sound. Nick had the guitar strung up and tried it out before the varnish went on. After the varnish was on the sound wasn’t dampened at all. The guitar is really alive, but then that's been my experience with my other Franklin that has a lacquer finish... Nick's comment was that varnish won't make a bad guitar sound better, but it should let a good guitar sound great.

Originally Posted by pegleghowell View Post
What a result.The instrument is absolutely superb,I can imagine how wonderful it must sound.I love the shape..a sort of Prairie State vibe about it.Stunning.Congratulations and thank you for such an enjoyable thread.Enjoy in good health.
Thank you! The thread was a lot of fun, helped me to wait patiently, and I particularly enjoyed the questions, comments and exchanges with other folks on AGF.
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