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Originally Posted by MC5C View Post
You could install the Hotrod truss rod with the adjuster at the headstock, use the cut-out provided by the previous owner, or you could fill and patch that cutout and install the Hotrod with the adjuster inside the heel of the neck, and use the original adjuster extension piece under the fretboard extension to adjust it. You only want to adjust the bit between nut and heel, you don't want a longer truss rod than that. It depends on how close to original you want it to look, I would think.
OK, I placed an order for a standard Hot Rod 14-1/2" and also one of the slim profile types from Stew-Mac. I'll choose the rod that seems to work best, (not sure yet, since I've never used a modern double acting rod before). However, MC5C has the right idea. So, I am strongly considering placing the point-of-adjustment in the original position, at the fretboard extension end, and repairing/patching/hiding the access gouge in the headstock (replacing the overlay/veneer is, I believe a little more than necessary). But, nevertheless, as MC5C noted, I will need to fabricate an extension and modify the 14-1/2 Hot Rod so that the active rod nut can be accessed. Using the original, broken-off piece as the extension is a really, really good idea. I have done lots of TIG welding, so for me, it would very easy to weld the old section to the new Hot Rod nut. Any difficulty would be in the alignment, so that the extension turns without wobbling, or it will bind in the slot.

I have authored and attached a public Google Document showing all of the photographs and the steps I have taken so far in the project. I will update this repair project document/archive and upload as I progress
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