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Originally Posted by Dave Richard View Post
Well,yes: heat up the fingerboard for removal, being careful not to ignite the highly flammable celluloid binding- best to remove it first. Remove the fingerboard and the broken rod, then fill the old channel with new wood, and re-rout for a modern replacement(which likely won’t fit the original channel). Reattach fingerboard and binding. It will probably be easier to do all that, with the neck removed from the body(it might well need a neck reset anyway).
Yes, this is my plan, now that I have some feedback from everyone here, I'm more confident that this is the right approach. The neck was actually already loose when I got the guitar. It looks like the glue used in the dovetail joint failed. All I did was lift it out of the neck block!!! That's when I discovered the old truss rod channel/hole under the fingerboard extension. At that point I began to question the actual vintage and date of manufacture, since I assumed the truss rod cover on the headstock was original. So, I've got a few other projects on my schedule, including a wonderful 1930's Gretsch F-50 that also has a loose neck joint, that need my attention. Once I complete a few of these repairs I will dig in and remove the fretboard. I will take photos along the way and post for all too see.
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