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Like I said before, there is a sort of "upper limit" to the sound quality you can get on Facebook Live or Zoom, and I think you are really close to it with the HypeMic and it's compression.

The one thing I am going to add to this equation to eke out just a little bit more is an acoustic amp turned way down just to augment the low frequencies and to add just a touch of reverb.

I've been doing that with my Shure MV88+ and I like it very much, but I really like the analog compression of the HypeMic. The MV88+ does compression as well but it's digital and it doesn't seem to handle as much dynamic range as the HypeMic, although it does sound very good.

I don't know that I would use that much (or any) level compression on a YouTube video, but it beats the heck out of the Facebook/Zoom level compression which you get otherwise!
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