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Originally Posted by martingitdave View Post
Indeed, the 96k is overkill from a frequency response standpoint. But what I was most interested is the 24 bit resolution for the dynamic headroom. And, evidently, the two are paired together in a number of these home/audio products. 48/24 would have been just fine, but that wasnít offered with the compressor. The 720p webcam is all my computerís graphics card can push anyway. I think the bottom line is that the analog compressor is WAY more valuable than I thought for my style of singing and playing.
Tying the compressor to 96k/24-bit seems like a "curious" (being generous here) design choice. I mean, why 96k, and for that matter, if you're compressing, do you really even need 24-bit at that point? (It's certainly been reduced to 16-bit equivalent by the time it's streamed.)
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