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Originally Posted by gitarro View Post
IThanks for your reply, Larry.

Whatever his methods, Jim olson is perhaps the most well known luthier in the wider world and he has earned that reputation through his integrity, generosity and a long career of meeting customer expectations. As he and the other famous luthiers of his generation are either winding down or coming to the latter parts of their illustrious careers, they serve as standard bearers of excellence and business ethics for the next generation to emulate and try to surpass.
Hi g

I'm not sure that tap-tuning is the only method of voicing tops. It is probably the most mentioned, but solo guitar builders have different ways of building these beauties.

Harry Fleishman is one of the most experimental (and refreshingly honest about results) of any builder around. And he is a hoot to talk with in person. I once asked him a question at Healdsburg guitar festival, and then followed him around for 20 minutes listening to the answer.

Then I asked another question. He was a delight to follow around and chat with! He puts a door/entrance in all his guitars to go in and adjust things after the top is assembled and voiced.

He was Michael Bashkin's first guitar building teacher.

Ervin Somogyi arguably knows more about extracting tone (specific tone) from wood, and he was Michael's second strong building influence (Michael attended his week long workshop as many great builders have).

I sense the explorational side of Harry in my Bashkin OM (built after both influences), and the targeted voicing and craftsmanship from Ervin's influence as well in it.

If you have never tapped into Michael Bashkin's "Luthier-on-Luthier" podcast, the many episodes are well worth a listen. He interviews current luthiers about their journey. It certainly gives insight to a lot of other-than-traditional methods of building.

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