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IThanks for your reply, Larry.

Whatever his methods, Jim olson is perhaps the most well known luthier in the wider world and he has earned that reputation through his integrity, generosity and a long career of meeting customer expectations. As he and the other famous luthiers of his generation are either winding down or coming to the latter parts of their illustrious careers, they serve as standard bearers of excellence and business ethics for the next generation to emulate and try to surpass.

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Hi g

He voices them quite well!

I've never had a technical discussion with James about voicing. Olson guitars consistently sound incredible from guitar to guitar, unlike Martins, Taylors or Gibsons. However he is doing it, it seems to be working well above average. For me as the player, it's about the results he gets.

Olsons are superior in the areas of responsiveness, projection, sustain, attack, resonance, feedback to the player, balance across the string bed, and dynamic range. I don't believe James approached guitar building from a tradition-based foundation. Whatever he's doing, it's working.

I've never played a 'dud' Olson (and I've played a lot of them).

In the end it is about who you love above yourself and what you have stood for and lived for that make the difference...
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