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Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post
Hi dneal

I'm sure not trying to downplay FroggyBottom.

Perhaps FroggyBottom and SantaCruz belong in the same category. I have never considered either in the same category as solo builders.

If they are a collective of solo builders sharing a shop/tools, and each is pursuing the build and voicing of single guitars through-out the whole process if single instruments, that would make a difference on the way I view them.

I've played and liked guitars fashioned by both.

Where would you put Huss & Dalton in the mix?

I'm not implying that you were downplaying FB, just inadvertently misrepresenting them. Michael Millard is physically involved in every FB, and voices them all. They build under 100 guitars per year.

Santa Cruz builds 500-700 guitars a year (according to the wise and all-knowing internet). I don't know if Richard Hoover is involved in each guitar, but my impression is that he isn't.

Huss and Dalton is somewhere in between.
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