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Default Touched By Light

This is not a melody driven piece. It's a short freestyle composition that just evolved over a few hours. I started it late last night. I tried a recording in my computer/music room last night with other mics I have through my Focusrite and then I tried with the Zoom and its built in mics and in both cases I wasn't happy with the results. So today I recorded it a few times with my AT2035 pair and in between the lawnmowers and planes overhead I got it done.

I'm experimenting with eq'ing and reverb so I may have a little too much 'verb. I might cut back on that and replace the mp3.

Initially I was using a reference file with Ozone 8 to eq the tune and it was coming out hot like I wanted but the room "noise" was getting multiplied by a lot. I recorded with external mics and a Zoom H5 and I had the gain too low for the mic distance. I had good success with settings at approx 4.5 with the mics in close in the past, but for this I moved the mics back a bit and used a gain of 5 which didn't really work out because I ended up playing too softly.

So all I ended up doing was to normalize and match the L/R gain roughly, and do a little edit for noise and fade out in Rx 7 Elements. I then did a stereo field expansion and added reverb using Audition and that's that. What I learned from this is that I can't just blindly apply the same eq methods to every tune. The circumstances and what sounds good have to dictate what I do (not that I'm inferring this is good, pleasant, maybe, but good.... )

Like I said, don't expect to hum along to this, but hopefully you'll find it relaxing to listen to. I'd rather compose things that I find pleasant and relaxing instead of trying to be someone I'm not. I'm not a professional, not Paul Simon or Tommy E. This is it and I enjoy doing this sort of composition.

If I stumble upon a melody in any of my tunes, believe me, its totally by accident

Sometimes I'll tap my foot and get a decent beat going and compose to that, but that's not this time

Touched By Light


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