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Almost got the speaker cabinets done. I think I will stain the wood, the grill cloth is a weaved place mat from a Dollar store. I did want to use a wider board but for some reason my mind went off to see the Queen and I cut up this one. Decided to just go ahead and try it, not like I have anything to lose. It did have me searching for thinner material for the front and back to give a little more space inside. Might have added a couple inches, the speaker probably will not notice. I think I am going to have the speaker up to the top and a vent on the bottom of the back.

Have been thinking of the amplifier. I do have a pair of transformers from a stereo, the two tan looking ones that are joined together at the bottom right. But they need a little heftier transformer than a single 5W amp. The other funky tan one at the bottom is the mate to the transformers, A monstrosity from a European console stereo. But as much space as the two speakers are going to take already I don't know about a big horkin' chassis for the amp. Do I use these transformers? Do I find a more creative way of powering them? Should I split the power supply from the amplifier? Go Solid State or a preamp tube with a SS amplifier?

In the meantime my niece's husband has been asking about his guitar I was making. Might have to put aside this little project. Or at least the electronic side of things.

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