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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
So you have all those tools and workbench in your bedroom , that's different

Seriously, while I get the weight thing. But if you're not performing out,
why not just get a chair ?
I think I have tools everywhere but my bedroom.

No, the weight thing is a little different, (actually weight and rubbing). I had a nice Tele but had to get rid of it as strumming was out, where my arm contacted the guitar the motion set off my nervous system. I found I can play a Strat with its arm bevel and belly (rib) cut. In this condition nerves that are normally used for light touch sends signals interpreted as pain and then causes increased sensitivity with it spreading to the rest of the body. An example used to describe it is that a light breeze or putting on a shirt causes pain. Think sunburn and rolling around in fiberglass. I do play on a chair, I never thought about the strap thing. I don't think I can play with a strap, even with a real lightweight guitar. Well there goes that dream.
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