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Hi, thanks for the encouragement. The strength of the neck should be no problem. It is not much different than Spanish Cedar, I have made necks with it already, a nylon stringed and two steel sting acoustics. They were shorter scale but the lower tension of the electric strings should more than make up for the longer string length. How much relief will be introduced into the neck will be interesting, the other necks had adjustable trussrods. We will find out soon enough. Fitting of the back panels is the thing that will take the time now. Once that is done just a quick coat of paint and then fret and install the tuners. Not making this a fancy guitar, just something functional that I can spend more time playing.

To make a basic guitar is not that hard. Just need some tools and break down every step to simplify it. Electrics are easier, just get the neck right and you can bolt it onto just about anything. My introduction was from cigar box guitars. Print out the scale length, tape the pages to the neck, cut slots where the frets go. That is the only real precision thing that needs to be done. The rest is just how well it goes together. I did do a step by step construction build of a nylon guitar way back when that utilized the minimum of tools. I may have to do one again some day.
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