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Default Building a bedroom system.

Well spare bedroom that is more of a, den? Do people call it that anymore? Either way it is where I spend most of my computer time, which is a lot of music time. I want to finally learn how to play now, things always got in the way before. One of the things now in the way is I have pain issues and there are times I can't take the weight of a guitar on me. So I am in the process of building a lightweight guitar which I hope will come in around 2 1/2 lbs. I was unsure if I was going acoustic or electric on it and it sort of developed the way it did. If I knew what I was ultimately building I would have done things differently. But it is what it is.

Although this is two halves of a 2"x4", I used one laid flat and routed a channel in it and epoxied in an aluminum strip as a truss rod. Hopefully it will keep things straight. This neck was for the acoustic version I will be making.

Cut the headstock angle and glue on an oak fretboard with a 25.5" scale length. Fit in some Telecaster knockoff parts.

Glued together some 2"x3" pieces to make up the body and leveled them.

Cut out a roughly Tele shape.

Cut out excessive weight, in the end I decided to eliminate the bridge pickup and will be making an aluminum bridge plate.

Which is roughly where I am now. I am also building an amp and two speakers to sit on my desk. They will be a little larger than normal, holding a 8" in each, although small for the speaker size. While not true stereo it will make making mistakes more fun when practicing. I have not really decided if I will have an external amp for them or put it in one of the cabinets. I have not decided on the circuit either, will it have a tube or two in it or just solid state. I do want reverb, or at least some delay. An effects loop? not sure. I would like to keep it compact and not in the way but the spring reverbs I have are rather long. We will see. I might steal some ideas from the guitar pedal world, I like the idea of a decent amount of clean volume but would like to get a little distorted at reasonable levels along the way. So this might be an extended thread with a lot of experimenting. Be forewarned.
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