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Originally Posted by FPerezRoig View Post
Thank you Charles!
I didn't know of an 000 or om sized guitar with single side and bottom braces. Do you have some examples to share?
If I'm not mistaken, 00-21's were made with single braces. The one I made, nearly 40 years ago, has single braces and has held up well and sounded very good.

As per the bridge plate, i thought its sole purpose was to protect the top from the string ends, and for that reason I made it smaller.
I guess different people have different "theories" of what the bridge plate contributes to the instrument. My preferred theory is that it functions as a brace, adding stiffness to the area, particularly some resistance to bellying behind the bridge (i.e. between the bridge and butt end of the guitar), particularly adjacent to the bridge. There is also a belief that stiffening the area reduces the "peeling" action of the bridge from the top.

If the sole purpose of the bridge plate was to protect the top from string ends, little more than a hard ring would be required around each hole.
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