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Default Martin CEO-7 in France/UK (last price drop: 2075 / 1750)

Martin CEO-7 in original condition. I imported this in summer 2014 from the US. It was one of the first CEO-7s in the UK (the 524th one ever made!). Sadly it has turned out to be a bit of a "case queen" as I could never bring myself to gig it.

Sound-wise this is a monster of an 00: adirondack top, scalloped bracing, very thin finish, unmistakably Martin in tone but with a sweet Gibson-esque 24.9" scale length. To my knowledge it is the only CEO model they have kept in full production, these are enormously popular little blues machines. 1 3/4" nut width.

Condition-wise the guitar has three marks which I have tried to capture in the photos: (1) a small scratch below the D string tuner; (2) a very faint mark on the upper bout which you can only see in certain light (and was there when I got the guitar); (3) a mark in the finish on the back, possibly from a stand, I don't know - but it can be seen in certain lighting. I am very picky about condition descriptions!

Comes with original Martin hard case, wine red interior, in excellent condition, hang tags and documents, etc.

Price + delivery
1750. Will accept pounds or euros (2075). Delivery options to be discussed: I am based in Paris, France but will be driving back to, and around, the UK over the Christmas period. I've successfully dropped off a few guitars this way in the past. If I were to ship it I have a good shipping box ready but would only ship insured to full value (60 odd).


Mark on back:

Mark on upper bout (very hard to see):

Scratch on headstock (below D tuner):

Original images from My Favorite Guitars:

More photos here:

Please get in touch via PM if you have any questions. I'm more than happy to discuss the guitars' provenance, or delivery options, etc.

On the off-chance anyone reading this is in Paris, you are welcome to stop by and play these over a coffee.

I play a Lowden, some Martins, some Ponos, and an old Kalamazoo

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