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I don't like the idea of permanent installation with cyanoacrylate on CF weave as you can't do the classic razor blade removal. I put a Schatten HFN in one of my guitars with a second one on order as I type. It needs EQ to boost the bass and cut the treble (my mixer does it fine, I've also got a GE7 and Zoom G1 four that also do the job), but after EQ it is a step up from the three head SBTs. Also as a single head design it seems to be less sensitive to the input impedance of your amp/mixer/preamp/pedal (as with a K&K it won't sound good into very low impedances due to bass loss). I installed mine with the included tape and made a placement jig to know I got it exactly where I wanted it.

I've done a few K&K installs in RainSongs too before I learned about the HFN:

I've put JJBs in plenty of friends' guitars and in cheaper instruments. To me it is the equal of a K&K but lacking the name recognition you might want someday for resale.
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