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Originally Posted by AZLiberty View Post
I'm going to need to put a pickup in the CH-PA sometime before November.

Given how much K&K has increased their prices lately, is there any good reason to pick up the K&K vs the JJB 330? ($100 vs $50)

I have a K&K in my Shorty, so I'm familiar with the downsides of a passive.
Hey AZ- I personally would go with the K&K for the RainSong. JJB is great as I have one in my D Jr. but that guitar is almost a third of the price of the CH-PA. For resale purposes it would serve the whole guitar better to to with K&K. The K&Ks seem a little hotter too FWIW. I run all these SBT types through an outboard Pre/DI anyway and that seems to help them all (including the proprietary pickup in the OF660).

BTW, Shoreline has the K&K Pure Mini from time to time in their open box closeouts. You can often find them for $70 if you are diligent.
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