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Originally Posted by Treyson View Post
Can you see a reason given my situation to get the Artist instead of the Mini or a different brand?
The Artist is fine too and offers more tunable options than the Mini. However, I use the Mini for 95% of my gigs and love it. It packs all the power you need for most situations and I love the light carrying weight.

Because it takes time to turn around and spin dials, I favor the use of pedals over the onboard effects. My pedals are as follows:

* BOSS RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay

* BOSS BF-3 Flanger

* BOSS TR-2 Tremolo

* BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus

* BOSS DM-2 Analog Delay

* BOSS TU-3 Tuner

I carry the pedals in a BOSS BCB-6 case. Instant setup, easy portability!

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