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Default In market for 1st acoustic guitar amp.

Iím looking for suggestions or ideas.

I do not gig or play in public.
Only exception is a sibling and I will play together 1-2 monthly max.
He has a RMS AC-40 amp, 2 channels. FWIW

My budget is $300 - 450

First I saw the Tonewood and thought cool. About $300 with xtra and set of recharging batteries. Like the apps that can be used. But, Iím not a fingerstyle player.

Then, I saw the Fishman loudbox mini LTX-500 , an artist and the
Loudbox charge. Small but potent. About $225-500 new/used in Excellent condition.

I like the Tonewood but wonder if the mini or one like it would be a better choice and then add some other gear later. The

Your thoughts are welcomed including the size and amp wattage needed to sound credible outside the house.

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