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Well...hereís an update on my new G5230T Electromatic Jet FT. Iíve not been able to spend a lot of time with it so far. But, initial impressions below.

Build quality...excellent. Very, very good. As many Imports have been as of late.

Pots, caps, wiring, switch, jack, and bridge...not the best. Iíll be changing out all of it.

The bridge...junk. Iíve read about Comptonís, and a few others but am not sure what direction to go. The board has a 12 inch radius.

The tuners seem to be decent. But, I think that I have some lockers laying around that I may use.

The Bigsby has the typical issues with tuning if used. I am intrigued with the ďPalm-O-LowĒ...

The Blacktop Filtertons sound good. Actually, really good...but imo the wiring lets them down.

Playability is excellent. Fantastic setup (for my playing style) out of the box. 5/64 on low E. 4/64 on high E. Neck relief .008.

The neck is great (seems to be a mix between a Strat and a Gibson). Iíd say an almost full U. Very comfortable.

I LOVE the way it plays/feels. I LIKE the way it sounds, but I know Iíll love it once I do a bit of modding.

Iíll update this as I go. As stated earlier, if you have any suggestions/recommendations please weigh in.

Thanks for reading! More to come...

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