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Originally Posted by catdaddy View Post
Marchand, one of the NHL's elite players. The guy is his own worst enemy.

Anaheim beat San Jose 5-2. All I kept reading about was how good the Sharks' defense was going to be after getting Erik Karlsson. Easier said than done I guess.

Can hardly wait for Caps vs Pens puck drop tonight!!!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I watched the Ducks vs Sharks game last night, in part because Iím curious about Karlsson since he played for my favorite team, the Sens. It was actually Anaheim who played well defensively, in particular, goaltender Gibson who played great. Iím sure the Sharks defence still needs to gel, but their players are too good for that not to happen. With Thornton having shave his beard, and Karlsson sporting a longer goatee, I wonder if Eric will take over as the second bearded wonder?
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