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It's not that difficult to refinish a guitar, even the neck as long as you're careful to stop sanding once you reach bare wood.

You don't reall need a lot of experience and expensive equipment, either.

Here's a guitar I recently re-topped. The old poly finish on the neck and headstock had a lot of surface cracks and dings, so I sanded the finish off using a Dremel 280-grit abrasive buffs. These make the job go pretty quickly and are easier to control than sanding by hand, especially around the heel area. The Ovation headstock is about the most difficult one to do.

WRT applying a new finish, this can be accomplished as easily as using a rattle-can finish.

Here's a couple of pics of my latest project. I stripped the neck and headstock to bare wood, then sprayed the finish using Minwax rattle-can polyurethane including applying a new logo to the headstock.

Stripped neck:

Stripped headstock:

Finished neck:

Finished headstock:

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