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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
Thanks OddManOut,

Whenever I build a guitar I try to center the design around a guiding theme.
More than not the inspiration for that theme is nature provided. That's part of the privilege of being able to work with such wonderful materials.

That's one of the things I like best about your guitars, Mark. Each one of them is a unique, individual entity; and the way you design and build, you are using these exceptionally beautiful woods to their fullest tonal and aesthetic advantage.

One time, at a craft gallery in LaConner, WA, I saw a large table that someone had built out of the most stunning, iridescent, shimmering Koa I had ever seen. The table top was about an inch and a half thick, all solid Koa! It was a true show piece, just mind-blowingly gorgeous wood.
It made me sad to think how many splendid guitars could have been made with that once-in-a-century Koa. You know what I'm saying?
So when I see what you do with these beautiful woods you have, it's cause for celebration!