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I've owned my '05 D-18A since May of 2006. Bought it in Tokyo - paid full pop -- and have never looked back. I think when KYDave talks about sounding like a 28 he might be refering to their power (Hi Dave!).

I've played the snot out of this guitar -- frets are getting dow, action is gettin gup and the color has darkened despite the stain on the top. It reminds me a bit of the '41 D-18 I bought years ago from RC Snoddy but the Authentic has more depth and as Tony Rice said of his old '34, almost unlimited power.

It is fussy about strings; it likes the cheapest Martin medium PBs by far, less so D'Addarios - -they seem to thunky at least on my particular guitar.

Guitars being what they are, there are a lot of variables. Find a good one and keep it. Trade around for others but find one keeper and grow old with it...
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