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Originally Posted by Billy Boy View Post
I really like how your MD has a big sound and yet is nicely balanced so that the mids and highs are not overshadowed by the lows.
It's difficult over the course of a year but I think that exactly sums up how the guitar has changed in that time. As always, it felt a little "tight" when I first got it, especially in the trebles (and remember that comparison is relative and vs some stellar instruments that I've played). Over the year the bass seems to have deepened and become looser, and the trebles have definitely sweetened and become more open. That's helped to balance what is, in many situations, an inherently unbalanced guitar - i.e. a dreadnought. It is also "exactly" what Jason said would happen.

I'd expect the OM to be even more balanced, because it will never have that thunderous bass and will have the fatter trebles that come from a smaller box. Let's see...

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