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Default additional EuphoricMojo feature

Originally Posted by Simon Fay View Post
Hi Kevin,
You workmanship looks top tier in every way!!!

Hi Simon - thank you very much for the compliment. I just want to share the guitar pics and some other ideas I've had. Kind of "paying it forward" in a sense. I've learned a lot from others that were willing to share, so now I want to be that same way.

I've had some wonderful experiences with other builders. I spend a few days with Sheldon Schwartz in Canada a while back ('06) and we've grown to become friends since that time - exchanging emails on a regular basis. His guitars are absolutely top notch too. Check out his website/work. He has shared his bracing idea with me. Its pretty bad arse.

There are a couple others too...I'm going back up to visit Jim Olson in April. He is a HUGE influence on me. Might not come out in the looks of my guitars, but his operation in general is totally inspiring. I'm sure there are others that can attest to Mr Olson influence .

Here are a few pics of my EuphoricMojos I'd like to share also. I haven't mentioned it much but this guitar, along with adjustable intonation saddles, also has an engineered adjustable neck. Most people/players don't even realize the neck is adjustable at all. Its in a tight pocket. (if your bolting your neck on your 70% the way there anyway). I put the adjusting nut on the inside for a couple reasons. 1. to eliminate a 'visible' prejudice against the guitar in this manner and 2. it is a "set it and forget it" type thing. Someone can adjust it as they wish, daily, but I'd rather like to look at it as a "built in neck re-set". When the guitar is in England and the set up changes, the tech can adjust it and not mess with the saddle ht. - its a practical way to build a modern custom guitar (and adjust the intonation too ).

This is a closer look at the bridge saddles to.

Have a great day Simon. I'd like to meet you someday too. Hopefully you'll fill that application out next time and we'll see you there .