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Originally Posted by 815C View Post
I'm gonna be returning to Uganda this year and want to take a guitar with me that I can leave there for some gifted musician. I'm thinking a carbon fiber guitar would be a good choice as it seems it would hold up to the extreme climate there (hot hot hot - its right on the equator).

I have two questions:

1. Are the glued components of these guitars susceptible to heat? For instance, I'm wondering how long a glued on bridge would endure in that climate.

2. Do you have any recommendations for a specific brand?

1) Bridges on RainSong carbon guitars are not only glued on but they are also screwed on with three small nuts and bolts. Do the screws affect tone? Not that I can tell. Also, the glues on carbon guitars are susceptible to heat but I think its in excess of a long-term 120 degrees or so Fahrenheit. I wouldn't leave a carbon guitar, or any guitar, out in direct sunlight in the Tropics, or in latitudes beyond when the sun is at its zenith. In other words, a carbon guitar will last a lifetime in equatorial Africa with modest effort in care. Ashvin Coomar, RainSong President and AGF sponsor, could better answer your question.

2) I've only owned RainSong and pre-Peavey CA carbon guitars. I like the quality and tone of RainSong better.

A player should treat a carbon guitar as they would a fine wooden guitar except for the attention to relative humidity. Although a carbon guitar is more likely to survive a bump or fall that would damage a wooden guitar, they are not made to be abused and if treated decently they'll reward an owner with a lifetime of pretty much carefree play.


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