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I did a little more routing last night:

The top doesn't look as pretty but I'll fix it next time. Sorry no pix.

Next time I do the binding. Here's a mockup of the purfling/binding that I made to set up the bit on the laminate trimmer but obviously I measured wrong and will have to reconsider for the back. The front should be OK though.

BTW, I've heard many luthiers on the Official Luthier's Forum claim that routing for binding is the most stressful part of the build for them but oddly I found experience enjoyable. Sure there are a couple spots that need some filling in on the top but it's coming together better than I'd hoped. This step made me realize how close I am to finishing the body.

...oh wait, I still have to think about finish. That means sanding, sanding and more sanding!
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