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Originally Posted by egordon99 View Post
That was great! I love the sense of melody you bring alongside your technical skills. A lot of fingerstyle is just showing off tapping/acrobatics but you bring a wonderful musicality to your songs that blend melody and technique perfectly!

Thanks for sharing!
Melody/harmony is always my goal...thank you for the kind words

Originally Posted by started with 1 View Post
Beautiful playing, writing and instrument. Loved the percussion with the thumb and hands. A great nuance that adds to the overall feel of the song.
Yes, I first heard this on Andy Mckee's "Ebon Coast" and it just happened to work nicely on this tune. Thanks!

Originally Posted by fitness1 View Post
Yep - like I said on Facebook, one of the best solo guitar compositions I've ever heard.
Thanks so much, man. Thats a huge compliment that I am humbled by.
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