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Originally Posted by DarkestDreaming View Post
hi Fich,

by big mono i mean it sounds like the guitar is 10 foot wide as opposed to a stereo field separation. Also when you pan your stereo mics hard L and R, is there anything at the center? Like i said, i'm fairly new to solo acoustic mixing and normally in a band mix the feature instrument or part tends to be center in the stereo field
Hmm, on my best quality recordings it usually sounds like I am sitting in front of my guitar. That being said I'm nowhere near as experienced as some people on here. With my fingerstyle stuff I mic closer and limit more so it's fatter and less realistic but otherwise it sounds like stereo. But I also use a really wide pair.

When i'm just using mics there isn't anything in the "middle" but it still sounds like the guitar is dead infront of you. If i'm using my anthem however that's panned to the center and relatively low in the mix. Just to add some clear bass and a different color to fill out the recording.
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