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I just realized that I didn't share a tidbit which simplified my life a long time ago.

For some reason, loop-end strings are sometimes more expensive, and occasionally completely unavailable when you really need them.

Once when I was in that matter situation, someone showed me how to crush the balls out of ball-end strings. Here's an example of doing so. (Yes, the video has no sound. It's not mine.)

I now have six-inch offset pliers from Kobalt in my kit, to more easily break out the ball. I take care that the actual string isn't in the path of the jaws, lightly crush one side of the ball, and then rotate the ball one quarter turn and light crush again. This keeps the string from getting deform through enthusiasm.

Ball-end strings are cheaper in bulk than loop ends from places like, and have more available gauges as well. I can usually make six sets for the cost of four deeply discounted prepackaged sets.

Good luck!
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