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Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
No, Dave is right. Dawn Ultra, for Dennis deserves the best on this guitar.

Actually, my thoughts ran along this line, that if this neck is lost in transit, at least we won't have lost more of that too-expensive epoxy.
Mahogany and Ebony and Bloodwood grow on trees and are always so underfoot.
But this glue...sheesh! We can't be slathering it around here and there willy nilly as if it were replaceable.
And then, see, when Dennis becomes weary of this backplate (as all guitarists eventually do) he can gently glide it off and replace it with something else.
Just replace it with more Dawn as per factory specs.

I hope this helps...

P.S.-- disregard Ryan's nonsense.
Me thinks Steve has been working too hard on recreating this neck and peghead!
Life is like a box of chocolates ....

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