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Originally Posted by mhw48 View Post
I wondered if there was some way in which the bracing pattern was influenced by the Chladni patterns. It's interesting to see the evolution of Mark's placement of the braces: One of the things about these build threads that I really enjoy is to get glimpses of how luthiers (at least the best) are willing to rethinking the process, to challenge themselves and are open to discovery.
In a sense it did to the extent that tops braced with traditional asymmetric “Martinesque” bracing patterns (there, I created a word!) are more difficult to interpret using these techniques. As I mentioned in my earlier post that some builders who use Chladni methods gravitate towards symmetry for easier interpretation of the patterns.

Forgetting Chladni, I think that you will find it is common that across a luthier’s years at their bench they modify their approach. Sometimes they start using traditional approaches and break out later in their careers and other times it is just the opposite (a return to traditional approaches)!
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