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Originally Posted by BoneDigger View Post
I have EZ Drummer and also Superior Drummer, but I'm wondering what the general feeling is on drums for acoustic folk and Americana songs at present? I listen to quite a lot of John Prine, plus Guy Clark and others. Some use drums, some don't. I often feel like preset drums kind of lock you into a drum machine sort of rhythm, which can be good or not.

I am currently getting set to record an acoustic track with just me and the guitar, or possibly with some bass guitar in the mix. Do you guys generally prefer a drum track with this sort of music, or do you prefer the free flow of just a guitar and vocals?
There's really no single answer to what you're asking. It's almost always going to come down to some combination of what the song calls for and what kind of production you're after. Some songs really can be done either way and sound equally wonderful.

Here's an example:
John Waite's hit record, Missing You, has drums throughout. Because of the arrangement of the other instruments, the drums were necessary to this production.

David Wilcox did a version of the same song but for the first half of it there are no drums. The guitar arrangement probably could have carried the song with no drums throughout, but I understand why he'd choose to use them to ramp up the energy.

As for Superior Drummer, it's an excellent program but you have to work at it. It's unlikely that just popping the blocks together is going to produce anything inspiring. When I use it, it takes hours of auditioning blocks and figuring out what part of each block to use ...and that goes for the fills as well. In the end it turns out to be a lot of cutting and pasting to make a track but you can make some very good sounding drum tracks if you're patient and have a good sense of what the song wants.
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