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Default Action/Humidity Issues...

Hey everyone,
Newbie guitar player (started in January) here. I have some problems with the action of my guitar.
My guitar was made back in the early 1980s. My mom played it frequently for quite some time until I was born. Then, it was just sitting around in its case for about 18 years in my parents' room in northern New England. So, as a result, there are some issues with it.
My biggest issue is that the neck dives off very noticeably into the body at the sound hole:

This makes the action uncomfortably high and it makes the guitar difficult to play, especially nearing the 12th fret.

I worked with a lesson teacher back at school (now out for summer) and he said that my action will improve when the guitar absorbs more moisture. He said that it was very dry.
I've tried several methods to lower the action. I've lowered the saddle multiple times, I've adjusted the truss rod, I've tried the shower method (steam humidifies the guitar) a couple of times, and I've had a Planet Waves humidifier in the sound hole for 2-3 months at this point, but the neck has yet to bend back. Further, the action remains high.
Planet Waves humidifier:

Just today I added a second humidifier - a sponge in a baggie with poked out holes:

I've lowered the saddle to the point that I needed to put some paper under the low and high E strings or they buzz - I'll be buying a new saddle soon:

Yet even with all of these measures, I still face the same problem. So, will my efforts with humidifying the guitar and lowering the action eventually pay off, or am I doomed to be stuck with a high action on this guitar?
Any and all advice is welcome.
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