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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

Lo Siento! I've been here and done this--it is unsettling. But it's become a normal for me and so I find entertainment in taunting others facing the shipping uncertainty.

Perhaps my current situation will give you some solace. I have an order in with all the specifications and a veneer selected. I have no idea where the instrument is at in build, when a shipping date might be announced, or how long the shipping will take. You don't see me in a state of angst.

In part because I've gone well beyond Sake in my search for consolation. Also I'm old enough that I can manage to forget stuff, which is a true blessing because a lot of stuff just doesn't deserve remembrance.

See how much further ahead of me you are? Lucky guy, guitar made, guitar traveling--it doesn't get any better.

As an aside, waiting for a guitar reminds me of graffiti at a truck stop bathroom: "Just took 15 whites, and the truck won't start." That's pretty good stuff.
Ha! This is a funny post Evan! Comparing the current shipping situation to that graffiti is spot on!

For those whose guitars are in the shipping video, these videos can drive them to an unhealthy obsession, because theoretically if you see your guitar in the video, it sets an internal countdown clock in ones those videos are much like "crack" as pertains to the graffiti you saw. So the shipping videos are a really cool thing that they do, but in this hopefully one off situation it serves to feed some unhealthy obsessions :-) .

Two unusual (hopefully unusual) back-to-back shipping situations have prevented some of the guitars in this shipping video from actually being shipped for what will be 3 weeks (tomorrow). And I believe my guitar was completed 1 or 2 weeks prior to that, so my guitar has been sitting around Emerald being fondled by passerbys for over a month (if one was to indulge Kramsters thoughts).

I'm pretty certain that Alistair and his team have discussed what happened in these two situations and how they can prevent them from happening again. After all, these are not instruments that are just going to stock at some guitar shop but rather to rabid fans of the Emerald company who have put their dollars and trust into their products and ordered many moons ago. In our current "we want it now" culture (thx Amazon prime SAME day delivery), we have become very accustomed to ordering a product and having it literally within days.

With all of that being said I will patiently wait as the guitar that I saw looks absolutely beautiful and looks like they knocked it out of the park.

And hopefully they have resolved the shipping problem we see a new shipping video tomorrow...yay!! If not, it is what it is.


Todd in Chicago

P.S. I NEVER run out of sake!
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