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Default Next Gen Luthiers UK: Oliver Marchant 00

In the recent phase of my obsession, I decided to get rid of everything I had except 1 guitar that I adore. I've accepted that I'm insanely picky and ultra-sensitive when it comes to what works for me, and I'm also almost exclusively interested in 00-sized instruments, due to comfort issues, or at the very largest an OM with a pretty radical Manzer wedge shape.
During this madness I got some rather lovely woods (an additional fixation) and was looking around for a local builder, when I chanced upon Oliver of Marchwood Guitars, who is young and still under the radar, but is developing a name for exceptionally high levels of build quality, attention and finesse, along with a penchant for seductively moody instagram shots of his work. I played a couple of his OMs and thought they sounded excellent, and he was willing to push the envelope in terms of accomodating my wish for a lighter, more responsive instrument. A more intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive young man you couldn't hope to meet.
So, here's where it starts, some pinker sinker cedar and fabulous Australian blackwood, supplied directly by luthier John Buckham in New South Wales from a tree on a neighbour's farm. The set included a bridge, which John recommended I try as a lighter alternative to the usual rosewood/ebony choice. The sinker cedar had the most beguiling depth of taptone.

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