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Originally Posted by jdinco View Post
Still a great thing you are doing Jim, I heard the same stories from my wife who was a teacher for 30 years, most parents are not involved.
I found out a couple days ago that my Grand Niece (10 years old) has decided to stop her guitar lessons. Don't make me happy, but what can you do. It seems to motivate her when she is around and hears me playing, certainly not an indication of my playing, remember she is 10 and easy to impress. Unfortunately she lives a thousand miles away. Keep plugging Jim....I bet you get thru to more kids than you will ever know.
Thanks, John. As long as the kids show up, I'll be there. I remember when I was that age: everyone wanted to play guitar. A few of us stayed with it. I had a well worn Mel Bay booklet... couldn't afford lessons. I told our daughter that some lessons may get them started, and those who are truly interested will continue to learn after we head back to Texas. We'll see how it plays out.