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Back to the guitar lessons at our daughter's school: the kids had a 4 day holiday for Presidents' Day, so their last lesson was one week ago. I suggested they use those 4 days off to get in some additional practice.

Today: apparently, the kids thought that they would retain what they learned last week... without practicing. I told them, "It will be very apparent if you don't practice."

Yep, they didn't practice. Essentially, it was like starting over again. I guess I was the only one who put in any practice time in the last week.

One girl said, "We want to learn some songs."

To which I replied, "I was planning to get you started with a song today. But, without being able to play the chords, there is no way to play a song. Maybe we can do that on Monday if you put in some practice."

For my buddy Evan, I am not being "a hard butt"... frankly, this is about what I expected the second lesson to be like, but they had those first two lessons 3 days apart. They impressed me, showing that they can put in some practice time. It is a truism: if you don't use it, you lose it.

My daughter assured me that after any kind of a break, it is like "starting over" with their study habits.

Joan and I worked with a couple classes with their Gravity Cruisers today, as well. There were triumphs and despairs there, too. Next week is their big school competition with that project. The school's gifted teacher was working with us and said, "You are good at keeping these kids enthused." She wasn't there for the guitar class.