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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
I went to a guy's house yesterday here in the park where we're staying - for "a jam." It turned out to a pedal steel player (who is good, but is very country), another guy on an acoustic with no pickup, and me. I played country music, and when I mentioned "rock 'n roll" it was like the scene from a movie where the guy walks into a bar and the crowd turns and goes silent.

I was invited to do another music "get together" today that turned out to be a performance: a good keyboard player/singer and me. Much more compatible (style-wise) than yesterday's get together. Folks in the park literally put this party together in a couple hours. I was able to sit at his left side and follow what he was doing on the keyboard, and I had a set list with OnSong that he could use for words and chords for my selections. Playing some older RnR and country, we did two hours, trading songs back and forth. He had a PA that handled the Event Center in the park just fine, and my Bose S1 worked fine with that... I ran my X10 into the Bose, but ran my mic to his mixer so the vocals would be coming from the same place.

Tony (the keyboard player) has drum rhythms set up on his keyboard and plays for a lot of the dances here at this park; essentially a one-man band. It was fun to make some music... and be done at 3:00 pm.
Wow...that's awesome!

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