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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
It would be sweet to get an occasional sound track of student efforts. Thereby further eroding your reputation as a hard butt.
My daughter shot this today, Evan...

We reviewed the 2 chords they learned on Monday, practiced strumming, and were introduced to three more chords. No school on Friday or Monday, due to the Presidents' Day holiday... I told them: "More time for guitar practice!"

It was apparent that there had been some practicing being done. Two new guitars purchased by parents... this means every kid now has a decent guitar to learn on.

After class, one young man asked if there was any interest in "doing a concert for a fund-raising effort"... I suggested that it might be best to wait until we are able to learn and play some songs.

"When can we learn songs?"

"When you are able to switch from one chord to another. All the more reason to practice!"