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Default Bevel complete ...

Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
This is great fun! Thanks for sharing your journey with us Dennis. I am sure all of us here share in your excitement.
Thanks Nic! I am glad to share this guitar evolution with everyone. The journey is certainly one of the great things about a commission. A great big "thanks" are in order for the luthiers sharing the photos of the process. Excitement abound! And this one is narrowing in on being sent off for finish!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Inquiring minds want to know....Steve, are you doing the armrest differently this time...I remember before seeing you cutting and bending one piece of wood for the arm rest, attaching, and then filing sanding into position....the use of the individual ebony tiles on this one????
Originally Posted by invguy921 View Post
Thanks Steve and Ryan for the explanation that I too had thought interesting to see the different approach on this one. Gorgeous work at EVERY level!!

One question, surely this doesn't pose a future risk of some kind of separation of the tiles? It seems that with the bending and variability or wood etc, that it might be more apt to future issues. Again, I very well may be and probably am wrong, and I am certainly not trying to be a critic nor do i want to rain on this gorgeous build, but trying to better understand how you guys get this stuff to stick permanently.

I like the work you've done and you guys clearly have abundant experience in these areas and know what it takes to make something "built to last". But as Tom said "Curious and inquiring minds need to know"
A lot of discussion here about technique creating bevels. Glad to have the explanations. Having a couple created for me, mine have always been created using the tile method mainly for the purpose of maintaining grain direction but I have yet to have any issues with tiles losing their grip. For guitar owners, I think Steve hit the nail on the head identifying the "warranty" as the ultimate safety factor. Wood and glue will do what they do over time but I personally like the cross grain aspect of a bevel created with tiles. Even with Ebony where the grain direction is not quite as obvious.

Piecing the tiles together on the bevel.

Filing down the bevel level with the top purfling.

Some scraping to get the bevel and top purfling absolutely flush.

The finished bevel. Man that looks comfy!

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