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The Taylor neck is most likely at bit thicker at the first fret than this Martin. As mentioned, the Martin will have a wider nut width of 1.75" in this comparison and the actual shapes are different though not easy to describe. Also, the Martin with MLO neck profile and high performance taper will only be 2 1/8" wide at the 12 fret, which is typical of 1.69" nut guitars. This results in the bridge string spacing being pretty close for both of these models.

I usually prefer 1.69" nut guitars with thinner necks, but the neck shape/thickness is more crucial to me. I can play some 1.75 nut width guitars but medium to fuller necks become fairly uncomfortable on either nut width. If the Taylor is too thick or not the right shape for you, you might like the Martin neck since it is a different shape and fairly thin for a wider nut.

Hopefully, you can audition a few. If you find that you want 1.69" guitars and thin necks, you selections become a bit limited these days. There is fairly good representation in dreads but choices narrow if looking at smaller body models and/or certain woods/features.

Some nice guitars you are looking into. Hope you find a comfortable one.


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