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Originally Posted by Jimi2 View Post
I have owned the Taylor and played the Martin. The om-28 is a way nicer guitar (214 is no slouch for the price however), but has a 1 and 3/4” nut , whereas the Taylor is narrower at 1 and 11/16”. I’m not sure about neck profile/thickness, but I imagine if the 214 was hard to play, the Martin may be more so. But I’m not sure why that would be the case- do you have particularly small hands?
Thanks for the answer.
Ah sucks to hear. I didn't like the taylor because the body was a bit to big and I dont have the best back, that's why the OM28 with the smaller body intrigued me. I think I might have normal sized hands and it's not impossible to play the Taylor it's just hurts a bit more compared to my takamine p3ny.
Argh now I'm not sure what to do...
(I use the thumb a lot when I play so thicker necks is a bit hard to play for me )
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